Production and Development

Many years of experience in SW and HW development

Cooperation with leading specialists in the field of IS security

Modern trends in development management (Agile, DevOps,

Individual approach to specific customer requirements

Open systems with the possibility of using APIs for third-party software

Own series of readers and terminals

Trade FIDES products are the result of its own research, development and production, enabling the implementation of specific customer security projects in the public and private sectors. Thanks to its own development department, Trade FIDES produces products from design through production to in-house assembly. The latest technologies are used in the production process and all products undergo extensive tests. Individual products and entire safety systems meet all requirements for ergonomics and modern design.

Special attention is paid to the reliability of products and their quality, which corresponds and meets the highest safety levels of protection in all phases of the production cycle. The quality control system is guaranteed by ČSN standards, NSA safety certificates and also by the international quality management certificate "ISO 9001", issued by the TDS certification system for all types of activities, including development, production, construction, assembly work to after-sales service. Trade FIDES manufactures more than 100 different products. We emphasize the quality and minimization of errors in the final product (automatic regression and progression tests)