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System inspection

We have a team of specialists who are in charge of repairing and servicing thousands of security systems on various buildings. Through eight centers located throughout the Czech Republic, we guarantee that the failure will be repaired in accordance with the user's requirements - from 30 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours from the time of reporting the failure.

+420 602 565 931
+420 606 749 579

+420 602 214 777

+420 602 533 766

+420 602 444 144

Karlovy Vary
+420 602 145 566

Hradec Králové
+420 606 746 472

Ústí nad Labem
+420 602 522 891

České Budějovice
+420 602 145 566


In the field of alarm security and emergency systems, we supply and install security systems from simple so-called "commercial" systems to large-scale systems of the highest generation, homologated for use in buildings with the highest risks. Setup, startup and programming of the supplied systems are performed by trained experts in accordance with applicable standards and regulations. During the test operation, the user receives all technical documentation and is trained to operate the system. The assembly of the systems is completed by a test run.

After setting up the security, the entire system is checked by our inspection technicians. The purpose of the inspection is to check whether the installation matches the project documentation, installation instructions of the equipment manufacturers, valid standards, and regulations. An initial revision report is issued to the user for the performed device revision. Regular revisions and inspections of the equipment are performed during the life of the systems.