Comprehensive IT Services

We offer comprehensive IT services in computer networks, HW, virtualization, and clusters with high availability from design to implementation concerning the needs and capabilities of your company.

Our IT professionals can offer extensive experience in solving network and endpoint security issues, optimizing the necessary IT resources, backup, and much more.

Nowadays, companies expect maximum reliability from IT at a reasonable cost. Therefore, we can consult on proposals for streamlining and greater security of existing computer networks and overall infrastructure, thus achieving potential savings for the operation of the entire IT department.

Integrated security protection



Graphic workstations

Wireless components

Active components and network solutions

Optical and metallic wiring

Services offered

•  Design and implementation of a computer network
•  Implementation of certified cable distribution
•  Datacenters
•  Professional consultations

•  Network security
•  Security and penetration testing
•  Backup and disaster recovery plans
•  IT security and literacy training

Technologies used







The Benefits

•  More secure network and IT infrastructure
•  More reliable and affordable IT, including substitutability

•  Effective use of IT resources
•  Support in solving crisis situations