Graphic Monitoring and Control System LATIS

The LATIS system provides PSIM graphic security superstructure services for local security, but also as the MARC meeting the ČSN 50518 standard, as well as related requirements from the EN 50130-X standards. The LATIS system is suitable for security components of any type.

Thanks to its scalability and openness, the LATIS system can be used for surveillance and control of objects of any size. Thanks to its openness, it is possible to connect other third-party products to the system, falling into the categories of FDAS, VSS (CCTV), I&HAS, ACS, MaR and others.

The LATIS system provides functions usable for controlling smart homes' activities, such as controlling blinds, lights, etc.

Integrated Security Protection

Easy Administration and Maintenance

Custom Graphical Environment

VSS Camera Systems

Connection to Rescue Services Units

Integration of Other Systems

Web and Desktop Client

Key Features of the LATIS System

•  Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Center (MARC)
•  LAN, GSM, Optics, Ripex technologies
•  Detailed logged activity of operators
•  Unlimited number of objects
•  Instructions for operators

•  Graphic Extension for I&HAS systems
•  Monitoring and control of smart buildings
•  Control also utilizing interactive map data
•  Configurable operator rights
•  Monitoring of moving objects (vehicles, people)

Central smart monitoring system

Integration of VSS

In the event of an incident, the system can playback the video of that particular event, and automatic cameras focus on the particular area.

Reduction of demands

Thanks to the integration of various systems into a single environment for their control, the demands on administration and configuration are significantly reduced.

Number of objects

Unlimited number of objects with the possibility of creating cards of individual objects and centers.

Map materials

Possibility to control the whole system by means of visualization in map materials.